Submissions: Trinity Journal of Natural & Philosophical Theology

Thanks for your interest in publishing your work in the TJNPT. We are currently accepting submissions for the Spring 2023 issue.


Please send all manuscripts to Before submitting your manuscript, please be sure to note and observe the following guidelines:


Format:  MS Word (.doc or .docx); double-spaced; 12-point serif font (e.g. Times New Roman)

Abstract:  Minimum 75 words; maximum 300 words

Body:  Minimum 2,000 words; maximum 8,000 words

References:  Use footnotes (not endnotes); except for biblical refereneces like "(John 3:16)," avoid parenthetical bibliographical references, e.g. "(Swinburne, 1996)."

Style:  Avoid all caps; contractions and first-person pronouns acceptable; otherwise follow the Chicago manual of style

Tables & Illustrations:  Include in body of text (not in footnotes) 

Submissions: Book Publishing

We are not currently accepting book manuscript submissions. Thanks for your interest.

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