Why should I use Gerizim Publishing Services?


Gerizim meets a need among aspiring authors who have written a draft for a book and would like to see it published, but don’t want to risk a large investment and don’t know how to turn their manuscript into a high-quality, presentable publication. If you want to publish your book we can walk you through the process and answer whatever questions or concerns you may have. We strive to make self-publishing both easy and affordable. Also we will help with promotion: once published, your book will be listed not only on this site and Amazon.com, but links will be posted (and periodically re-posted) to our Linked-In, Twitter, Pinterest and MeWe pages (we don’t do Facebook).

Gerizim also offers in-depth (minimum 500 words) book reviews. Unlike some reviewers, we make a point to actually read, cover to cover, any book we agree to review. Our reviews are honest and in some places critical, but at the same time we make it our goal to emphasize a book’s strengths. Once complete, your review will appear on this site and on Goodreads, with links posted (and periodically re-posted) to our Linked-In, Pinterest and MeWe pages.


For more information contact us at: editor@gerizimpublishing.com.


I am considering publishing a book with Gerizim Publishing. How does the process work?


The process starts when you submit a manuscript to Gerizim for review. If it looks like something we can publish we will let you know, quote a price, and ask for an earnest payment of 25% of that price to get the work started. When that payment is received we first thoroughly edit your manuscript, taking care to note and explain any substantive changes along the way. We distinguish between technical (required) and stylistic (suggested) edits; the idea is to work with you to produce high-quality, professional-grade work while allowing you to retain your own unique writing style. You then either agree to those edits or request reverting to the original (or perhaps new wording altogether).

Once agreement is reached on the final manuscript, that manuscript is loaded into a book template for formatting: we add headers and/or footers with page numbers, make style decisions (about fonts, page breaks, bolding, paragraph justification, hyphenation, etc.), obtain permissions where necessary, and otherwise create a presentable and professional interior. Around this time we also work up a cover design. Once agreement is reached on the interior and the cover design, we upload both files to Amazon for review. If they approve, we send preview pdf’s to you for review. When everyone is happy with the final product we “officially” publish the paperback version of the book. Roughly three weeks after publication of the paperback version we will also create an electronic (ebook/Kindle) version.

Does Gerizim Publishing print books?


No. At this time we do not have a printing press or a digital printer. What we do is create an interior book file and a cover file (both in pdf format), and upload these to the Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) for on-demand publishing. Also, because KDP does not have exclusive publishing rights, we send a copy of each file to the author for use in third-party printing and distribution, provided that the author agrees to pay 30% to Gerizim of any royalties received.

If I publish a book through Gerizim, will I receive royalties for books sold?


Yes. Amazon takes 40% of all revenues above cost for books sold on its platform. From the 60% that remains, royalties are split between you as the author (70%), and Gerizim Publishing (30%).


Example: Suppose your book is priced at $8.00 and costs $3.00 per copy to print. That leaves a $5.00 difference above cost. For each copy sold, Amazon would receive 40% of that $5.00 ($2.00). Of the remaining 60% ($3.00), you would receive 70% ($2.10) and Gerizim would receive 30% ($.90). 


In the case that you choose to use a third party for further printing and distribution, you as the author agree to pay Gerizim 30% of royalties from those printing and distribution efforts.

Can I order reduced-cost copies as the author?


Yes. You can order at-cost copies via Gerizim. You would be responsible only for shipping costs.


How do I make payments?


We can send you an invoice by email to pay electronically through PayPal, or you can send us a check. To pay by check, please email us and we will provide you a physical payment address.


Do you offer discounts?


Yes. We offer a 30% discount off our standard “list” price for authors from developing countries (see a list of developing countries here: https://www.mrs.org/developing-countries-list).